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Issue #1

First one! My articles and 2022 Developer Roadmap

Hi there!

Welcome to the first issue of the Android Dev Newsletter. We’re just starting our adventure, so you are one of the first ones to be here. If you like what I share here it would be very helpful for me if you could tell a friend about this newsletter. Thank you for your support! 🙏

In this issue:

  1. My article on “Why using Navigation-Compose in your Jetpack Compose app is a bad idea”
  2. My article on “Dagger/Hilt vs Koin for Jetpack Compose Apps”
  3. The 2022 Android Developer Roadmap
  4. Android 13 deep dive: Every change up to DP2, thoroughly documented

1) Navigation in Compose is a very hot topic right now! But why is that?

Well, many people say it is a great replacement for the “old” NavigationX, but is it? More and more people on Github create their own libraries that wrap the Navigation-Compose API to make it easier to use (and safer too).

Here is my article about it that will tell you why Navigation-Compose is not type safe and very dangerous to use. You will also find out why I think we should continue to use fragments (at least for now)

🔗 Why using Navigation-Compose in your Jetpack Compose app is a bad idea

2) Ahh, here we go again. The eternal struggle between Dagger/Hilt and Koin.

I know there are a lot of people who still argue which dependency injection is better for Android (especially on Reddit 🤪), but do they take into account their compatibility with Jetpack Compose and the pros and cons of it?

In the following article, I discuss in detail the differences between these frameworks and what to watch out for when you want to use them with Compose.

🔗 Dagger/Hilt vs Koin for Jetpack Compose Apps

3) Android Developer Roadmap 2022 suggests learning paths to understanding Android development. You can read the roadmap following the line path in the middle of the map.

Are you a beginner Android Dev and want to know how to start your journey in the Android world? Each node in the roadmap indicates concepts of Android systems, Android SDK, and generally used libraries. Just follow the line and learn along!

🔗 The 2022 Android Developer Roadmap

4) According to Google’s schedule, Android 13 will be released sometime in Q3 2022. There will be 2 developer previews and 4 betas before the final release in Q3.

Do you want to know the details about Android 13, new features, UI changes and updates? Follow this great article by Mishaal Rahman to find out!

🔗 Android 13 deep dive: Every change up to DP2, thoroughly documented

That’s it for today, hope you liked it. See you in the next one! 👊

Best, Patryk

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