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Maestro Studio, ComposePhysicsLayout, KotlinDL and Compose UI tests 🧪

Hey, mobile devs! 📱

It’s about damn time to get some neat Android articles and news, don’t ya think? 😎

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1) Introducing: Maestro Studio

2) ComposePhysicsLayout

3) KotlinDL 0.5 Has Come to Android!

4) UI tests with Jetpack Compose and Appium x UIAutomator

1) Probably the most important thing I’ll share with you today is this tool - Maestro Studio. It allows you to create Maestro test flows without writing any code. Create quick and working E2E tests with just a few clicks, without the need to write Instrumentation tests manually 🤌

🔗  Introducing: Maestro Studio

2) This library offers a custom Jetpack Compose layout that is backed by some physics engine. Currently, it is powered by and tightly coupled with dyn4j.

🔗  ComposePhysicsLayout

3) Version 0.5 of the Kotlin deep learning library, KotlinDL, is now available! This release focuses on the new API for the flexible and easy-to-use deployment of ONNX models on Android.

Use cases supported by the Android ONNX ModelHub include:

  • Object Detection
  • Image Classification
  • Pose Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Face Alignment

🔗  KotlinDL 0.5 Has Come to Android!

4) Julien Salvi talks about Compose UI testing using Appium and UIAutomator. This article explains how the Aircall Android team was able the move to Compose with their automation framework and tools.

🔗  UI tests with Jetpack Compose and Appium x UIAutomator

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