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Issue #21

Kotlin 1.8.0, how to prevent over-engineering and the state of native Android development πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

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1) Kotlin 1.8.0

2) How to prevent over-engineering of the code in software systems

3) The State of Native Android Development, December 2022

1) The Kotlin 1.8.0 release is out and here are some of its biggest highlights:

Check out the details below πŸ‘‡

πŸ”— Β Kotlin 1.8.0

2) The complexity of software systems sometimes grows beyond control. Left unchecked, it can leave behind bloated applications. Kevlin Henney talks to Hadi Hariri, developer advocate at JetBrains, about how some of the key traits of developers like creativity and problem solving make them prone to innovate more but also over-engineer their code and not choose solutions based on context.

πŸ”— Β How to prevent over-engineering of the code in software systems

3) This article looks back at the developments in the Android development ecosystem in 2021. It reviews the predictions made at the beginning of the year and looks at the implications of the Supreme Court of the United States ruling on Google's use of Java APIs in Android. It discusses the implications of the ruling on Google's Fuchsia operating system and the Flutter framework, and the author's opinion of Flutter.

πŸ”— Β The State of Native Android Development, December 2022

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