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Issue #8

New Android Talks episode, Coroutines use-cases, and lots of Compose-related articles 📚

Hello! ✋

Lately I’ve been busy a little, but I hope to get back on track soon 😎

This time I have a few nice articles for you and also a new Android Talks podcast episode.

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  1. Android Talks 04: Co nowego w Androidzie? - Podsumowanie Google I/O 2022
  2. Common Kotlin Coroutines use-cases
  3. Custom Canvas Animations in Jetpack Compose
  4. Lazy Grid layouts in Compose

1) First things first, my new Android Talks Podcast episode about this year’s Google I/O is here. If you’re a Polish speaker be sure to check it out. You’ll find out everything new in Android and what’s coming soon from Google.

🔗  Android Talks 04: Co nowego w Androidzie? - Podsumowanie Google I/O 2022

2) Marcin Moskała presents a chapter from his book “Kotlin Coroutines” on common use-cases in Kotlin Coroutines. If you’re new to Coroutines, for example just switched from RxJava to them and you want to quickly get around some common patterns in Coroutines I think it’s a good read for you!

🔗  Common Kotlin Coroutines use-cases

3) Rebecca Franks show us some cool Jetpack Compose animations with custom canvas. Compose offers us a lot of easy to use and simple Animation API functions. This article could help you understand more about it and how to achieve some advanced animations in Compose.

🔗  Custom Canvas Animations in Jetpack Compose

4) James Shvarts sums up several ways to build lazy grid layouts as presented at Google I/O this year. Staying up to date with Compose and new features is very important, so I would recommend reading this 😉

🔗  Lazy Grid layouts in Compose

That’s it for today, hope you liked it. See you soon! 👊

Best, Patryk

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